How you can relief from Erectile Dysfunction

Some of the changes that your doctor can suggest include:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Quitting or limiting alcohol consumption
  • Increasing physical activity as well as maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Quitting the use of illegal drugs

If you have difficulties making these lifestyle changes, a health professional can help you.


Perhaps, your erectile dysfunction is due to emotional or psychological issues. The same issues could be your reason for booking companions more often or hanging out with friends more than with your spouse. In that case, your counselor will help you lower the stress or anxiety that is affecting your sex life. The counselor can suggest that you attend counseling sessions with your partner. That way, your partner will know what is affecting you and the best ways to support you. While the counselor works on different ways of relieving stress or anxiety, your doctor can focus on treating its physical causes.

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